Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where to start....

Well, I've never really blogged before so this will probably be a weak first post. Not to mention I'm at work and should be doing that as well, but here's some quick weekend highlights:

  1. Went to Staunton on Saturday.
  2. Got a speeding ticket. Fucking Staunton PD.
  3. Went back home that same day.
  4. Went to The Sullivan's on Sunday.
  5. Went to Dad's yesterday.
I believe that is now, officially, the world's most boring blog. On more interesting news, there's now a larger possibility that The Nationwide could be retaining its current lineup. We practiced Saturday morning for Spaghettifest 5, and added 2 new covers. Joe Tex's 'I Gotcha' off the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack and Heart's 'Crazy On You'. I think we sound pretty good on both!